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Hiring A Photographer.

If you are someone who is trying to engage an interior photographer  for the first time, this article might be for you.

Here’s what I think matters.

    1.     Aesthetic (that speaks to you).

The sole objective of a commercial photoshoot for your design work is to make sure it looks impeccable on paper or on screen. And that is why this is key - your next photographer has to be able to consistently pull off not only good shots but shots that speak to you personally.

    2.     Consistency matters.

Instagram alone is probably not a good indication of a photographer’s body of work just because they are highly curated. If you’ve found a photographer you like, ask for a recent portfolio or sourcelinks of their latest project albums.

A set of completed photographs for a single project will be a much better gauge. That will give you the exact impact of the outcomes you’re getting.

                 3.    Engage THE ONE you would WANT to work with for a long run.

Again, imo, consistency comes first in your portfolio and shouldn’t be compromised. Sticking to one trusted photographer helps, especially if it is the early stage of building up your projects. You would probably want your portfolio to look equally good across the board.

However, it is not unusual to engage different photographers for different types of works but be mindful of how things cohere. 

Your engagement with a new photographer should lasts at least two trials. Hitting the ball out of the park in the first assignment is not impossible, but it might not be a realistic expectation either. Give both parties some time to warm up, collaborate and improve. The best work comes when both sides are comfortable and recognise that every creator has room for improvement.

    4.     Value (money).

Once you start asking around, you will find a myriad of pricing structures. Some charge by day rate / hourly rate, some by number of shots, some by lump sum. It is very dependent to the type of work you want to do. 

Any justifiable pricing is good pricing.

I have operated with day rate before, but I now use a combination of time cost and number of shots because it works best for me, and I like to believe it works the most fair for my clients as well. Everything is quantified and priced - options are laid and agreed before the shoot. 

I try my best to eliminate payment doubts so we enter into image-making process totally focused.

Regardless of pricing structure, you should feel good when you engage. It should be a 100% confident move. If you doubt the value you are getting versus what you are going to be charged, walk away.

    5.     No rush, no FOMO.

That being said, you don’t have to go for the most sought-after photographer in town. A booming photographer can offer fresh vision to your work, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to carve your own style.

Call, connect and set-out to ask difficult questions. Vibes matter. Choosing a photographer can be much like choosing a friend. At the end of the day, photoshoots should be fun and free of stress for you.

Hope this helps. WJ.

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